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Ezzro Swedish Ladder Gym Ezzro

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Ezzro Swedish Ladder Gym is an excellent way to get the entire family active. While being a great piece of exercise equipment for adults, wall bars are also an exceptional tool for kids to develop their mobility, coordination, balance, and strength. Not to mention the endless hours of fun they can provide for kids! Weight capacity on wall bars up to 100 kg, upper bars up to 70 kg, hanging elements up to 50 kg.
1 solid high grade beech plywood & beech wood ladder gym
3 additional accessories: gymnastic rings, rope ladder, monkey rope

Product Dimension: 

H210XW80 cm

Package Dimension: L105XW35XH20 cm

Weight/ 30 kg
  • Use damp cloth to clean
  • Must follow weight limits
  • Do not use in humid and hot (summer) weather conditions


Kids should only use wall bars under adults supervision.The wall bars are mounted through support boards to the wall. Please make sure that the ropes are tightly held together, to avoid inadvertent injuries. The package includes screws that are suitable for mounting the wall bars to the most common types of concrete walls or wooden studs behind a plasterboard wall. Please make sure that you use screws that are suitable for your walls.We allways recommends hiring a local professional to install the wall bars to ensure proper and safe mounting.