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Clixtiles Crystal BasePlate 2 pieces only

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30cm x 30xm transparent magnetic building plates that will help you build twice as tall!

• ( EASY TO CLICK ) and build for small hands, our strong magnets lets you build bigger and stronger structures without it falling easily like other brands out there.

• ( CHILDREN WILL PLAY ALL DAY … EVERYDAY ) this toy will not be put away !! It will be played with every day multiple times !! kids will find a new way to play with this toy EVERYTIME !!

• ( FREE BOOKLET INCLUDED) to inspire your children to build different 3d shapes such as castles, skyscrapers, animal figures, rocket ships, and many more.

• ( EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT) Stimulate Problem Solving, STEM subjects, Motor Skills, Shape Recognition, Magnetic principles, architecture, and Gravity.